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1. This is a 6-month training program if accepted, so be prepared to make a long-term commitment & investment in yourself.

2. We have over 10+ people teaching here, so you must be willing to learn from multiple successful teachers with different backgrounds & perspectives for various topics.

3. At some point in your success, you must be willing to pay it forward by helping others learn this information that are not as fortunate as you. We believe it's important for your growth to be able to not only buy in as a student, but as a teacher. 
Hosted & Designed By:
Josh King Madrid
One of the top millennial internet entrepreneurs in the world & the #1 most influential Gen Z entrepreneur of his time; at 19 years old, Josh have amassed over 7 figures in revenue and have consulted, invested and created multiple successful online businesses as well as created one of the most relevant and fast growing team brands today.
Ricky Rich
One of the most prominent up-and-coming life coaches and top sales & communication experts. Over the past few years, Ricky has ran multiple million-dollar sales organizations and have mentored and advised many successful 6-figure entrepreneurs.

Thomas says:

At this point, I don't feel like I have much people to look up to, but once I found Team Jet Set my entire life changed. Even though, I haven't met any of them in person yet, I consider them my mentors and I'm grateful for the amount of positive change and outlook they shed on my life!

Jessica says:

Josh, I just wanted to say thank you to you and the entire team jet set for changing my life & mindset. I've made $1k with you guys my first month, but it's honestly it's not the money that's gotten me fired up, but the knowledge and value I've got from your program. Everything I've learned from you guys and motivation I've gotten from you guys surpasses all the money I've made.
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