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The SECRET BLUEPRINT is a 6 month long training program and is limited to only 200 students who don't mind getting coached hands on, as well. After the 200 spots are filled, you will join the waitlist.
Only Mentoring 200 People. We have only less than 10 coaches so we can not accept more than 200 mentees, it would not be worth our time and resources to take on more. You would not be able to fully utilize the tools we have if we did, so to make sure everyone has maximum growth we are only working with 200 people. First come-First serve.
This Mentorship program may include:
Free Mentorship Program On Steroids -Are you in the free Mentorship program? This is times 100x. Over 100+ more videos, 10+ mentors, 2 Live Mastermind Events, E-commmerce Marketing & Business Strategy Sessions, The Digital Mastermind Program, and The Mentorship Book Program is all included.
Long Strategy Session Videos - Every week new videos & webinars are uploaded, keeping on your toes with new information.
Short Training Tips Archive: Get immediate time-activated access to over 60 hours of videos Team Jet Set recorded specifically for the key tips to success.
Exclusive Access: 1 on 1 contact with mentors, PRIVATE Facebook group, Private Telegram Group Message w/ other members & Private Snapchat. Once A Month: Free Group Webinar Call With A Mentor
Email Updates: Weekly tips and articles to improve your social life and brand.
Books: Reviews, Recommendations, Assignments & Quizzes
LIVE training: Bi-Weekly LIVE Feed Teaching + Q&A's, Once-a-Month 'Communication Skills' Q&A LIVE feed on facebook, Twice-a-month "Entrepreneur in the 21st century' LIVE feeds
Mentors or business coaches are one of the most valuable resources an entrepreneur should tap into. The idea of launching a business should no longer be a scary or daunting experience, riddled with unknowns. It should be a collaborative experience accumulating the learnings of the hundreds of local entrepreneurs who have already built successful businesses, and can help you move faster and avoid known pitfalls based on their years of experience, as entrepreneurs themselves.

And, what is great about mentors or business coaches is that they come in all shapes and sizes that can handle the myriad of topics that you may be having a problem. In this program, we have multiple different individuals mentoring, these individuals come in all shapes and sizes and have different experience that make them unique. By having multiple different mentors, you cut the learning curve massively because you get to see multiple perspectives and live more than one person's life and mistakes. There is no where else you will be able to find this type of education based off real life situations and growth, so take this program serious. 
Team Jet Set's purpose is to change the world and start a world-wide movement and by making a version of this program 100% free, we will be able to reach a wider audience.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, although we sure they can make you richer than you've ever imagined. Your life will not change overnight, but this program is designed to teach you everything the school system has failed to teach us. Our goal is to re-educate this generation so we can all reach our full potential at our earliest possible point.

One of the most common questions we get is, what is the best investment I can make?

Warren Buffett made $60 billion dollars as an investor in dozens of different industries but he still says, the most important investment you can make is in yourself, here we are asking you to first invest time.

Millionaires, athletes, celebrities, & scholars all have one thing in common. Every successful person has had multiple mentors. This is your free opportunity to learn everything that may have held you back from massive success your whole life.

You only know what you been taught. 
Who is teaching you?
A question you should always be asking yourself is:

Who's teaching me?

You're not going to get the results you want ” in the shortest amount of time possible ” without a teacher.

We aren't talking about the teachers from your middle-school classroom either. People can only teach you things they have done before, so if you're comfortable being a teacher, then by all means, learn from them.


If you want to reach massive success, then you must be taught by people who have reached massive success. It only makes logical sense.

The best performers in the world used trainers, coaches, and mentors.
- Jay Z
- Mike Tyson
- Steve Jobs
- Oprah
- Mark Zuckerberg
- Floyd Mayweather
- Kobe Bryant
... And the list goes on.

No matter what type of success you start, you will need a mentor because you'll have questions about specific things you can't find info about online.

You'll save yourself from being stressed out if you have an entire team with years of personal experience guiding you.

Being successful and living a balanced life doesn't mean doing it on your own.

When it comes to getting trained, you have 3 options:
- In person (the best)
- Online  (easiest)
- Books (most time-consuming)

Our Advice is use all three.

When possible, get trained in person - it's the best way.

But we understand in person isn't always possible, especially if you're just starting out and have no money to travel.

On top of that, finding 10 specialized people to mentor you in person is quite hard and inconvenient. 

We realized finding mentors and getting help with starting a business is a huge challenge for new entrepreneurs, we all been through it, but fortunately enough we didn't keep it that way.
How can you start winning?
Every day our team gets at least several thousand messages combined asking :
- How can I do what you do?
- How did you guys do it?
- Why can't I seem to figure it out?

As much as we tried answering the questions, it's just not possible to answer thousands of messages a day. It's way too time consuming with all our current businesses we run and we often repeat the same answers over and over.

So here's what we did.

We recently created this step-by-step Mentorship program for leveling up your lifestyle, health, cutting your learning curve, increasing your financial literacy, and increasing your chances of financial success.

When we say, we recently created this by-the-way, this has been in the works for over 10 months and is just now being released. 


That is how much effort went into this, this program is no-joke.

It takes a certain type of person to be able to achieve massive amounts of success, this program is engineered to do exactly that for you.
This is a Limited Opportunity
This is a 6 month program. We want to take in 200 members and even less in the advanced program so we can work with them 1-on-1 for 6 months to hold them accountable to their goals and progress.

After 6 months, we will re-open the doors to take in another 200 prodigies. If this page says "Get On Waitlist" instead of "Join Now" then that is why.

The way this program is set up, is designed to help you become the best version of yourself step-by-step in the necessary order to grow at maximum speed and potential.

With the Mentorship training, you should expect to develop your mindset into a three-percenter mindset. With the help of over 10 different coaches in this training, we believe this is exactly what this will be able to do for you.

Take action now & we will see you in the inside.

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